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My Mission is to help you pursue the level of health that you desire and be remarkable in my service and professionalism.

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My Story

I filter my decisions through compassion and my core value of service. These foundational aspects of my character led me into Nursing. I decided to serve in the US Army because I wanted to challenge myself and serve our country. I was able to reach the rank of Captain and was on track to continue my progression within the ranks when I found out my first child was set to come into the picture. I made the difficult decision to end my service within the Army and practice nursing in the civilian sector while focusing on my family. I specialized in High Risk Labor and Delivery while in the Army and continued to practice my skills within this field while working in civilian hospitals. In the later half of my career, I practiced for 2 years as an RN within a Cosmetic Surgery Office (something that also influenced the creation of Eden Hydration). I now have 10 years of nursing experience as a Registered Nurse in multiple fields within several different organizations. I use these experiences to benefit my clients and impact their lives.

I decided to create and develop Eden Hydration in order to tackle my next challenge. My strong desire to serve those around me and drive to stretch myself led me to step into the risk and adventure of building my business and brand. With my mission to help you pursue the level of health you desire and my clinical skills, I know Eden Hydration will become a household name in DFW and the surrounding regions. I am more than a business, I am your friend and I strive for excellence in my field.

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Migraine Relief

Weight Loss

Competitive Edge and Competition Prep

Recovery and Detox

Prenatal Services

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