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IV Therapy FAQS

Frequently Asked Questions

10 basic questions about IV Therapy Services:

1. What is IV therapy?

IV therapy refers to intravenous fluids or medications that are administered for various medical treatments. In order to receive service, an appointment must be scheduled beforehand. For your service with Eden Hydration, we come to your location.

2. Why would someone need IV therapy?

Reasons include preparation and recovery from strenuous activities, perinatal services, hangover relief, migraine relief, detox and recovery, weight control, relief from symptoms of anxiety, combat symptoms of chemotherapy for cancer, hydration for chronic conditions, and IV treatments for autoimmune disorders.

3. Where is IV therapy administered?

It can be administered in a hospital, outpatient infusion center, or even at home by a visiting nurse service. The location depends on the underlying condition and patient needs. With Eden Hydration we tend to serve most of our clients in their home. Other locations that we normal perform the service for clients include hotel rooms, the office, or on the sideline of a sporting event.

4. How often is IV therapy repeated?

Frequency varies based on the treatment plan. Some IV therapies are daily while others may be once a week or month. Duration depends on the full course of treatment. The majority of our clients use the service on average, quarterly.

5. What are common IV fluids used?

Normal saline and lactated Ringer's solution are commonly used for hydration.

6. How long does an IV infusion take?

Infusion times range from 30 minutes to one hour on average depending on the fluid/medication volume and rate of administration. Some infusions can take up to two hours, but this is rare.

7. Does IV therapy require hospitalization?

Not with us and not usually. Many infusions are administered in outpatient settings. Some home health agencies can provide them at home. Hospitalization is only needed for unstable patients. During your consultation call, if our medical professionals believe you need more urgent care, you will be advised on the best next steps.

8. Who administers the IV Placement?

An RN will administer the IV placement. Lauren the CEO of Eden Hydration administers the majority of all IV placements for our company. She is an RN of 10 years and always takes the time to fully communicate and listen to our client's needs.

9. Are there any side effects?

IV Infusions are generally very safe and the risk of potential negative side effects is minimal. Some side effects can occur such as feeling warm, faintness, or dizziness. With our services, all clients will be seated during IV placement and throughout infusion.

10. How can patients prepare for IV therapy?

We recommend clients to drink water, eat beforehand, dress comfortably, and be prepared to relax and recover.

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